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        The type and principle of rice whitener machine
        Sep 29, 2021

        At present, there are many kinds of rice whitener machines used in rice processing industry. The main working part of rice whitener machine is the roller.According to its roller type can be divided into sand roller rice whitener and iron roller rice whitener;According to its roller device form is divided into vertical rice whitener machine and horizontal rice whitener machine;According to whether it spray air, spray wet can be divided into spray air rice whitener machine, humidified rice whitener machine.


        The grinding process : Brown rice go to the grinding room, with the help of high-speed movement, hard and sharp edge of dense emery grains to cut off the skin of rice grains.The effect of grinding and whitening depends on the following two factors:

        One is that there is a certain grinding force, enough to destroy the structure of rice skin;The second is to provide more grinding opportunities and even.To this end, the emery roller should have a large line speed, at the same time to make the rice grains have enough opportunity to roll.Sand roller rice whitener has vertical and horizontal, according to foreign information, vertical sand roller rice whitener machine internal pressure is small, rice grain in the white room is basically a suspension state, the white function is to rely on the rotating sand roller through light grinding of rice, so the damage to rice in the white process is small,Vertical sand roller rice whitener is suitable for rolling rice grain strength is poor, the structure is more brittle, the surface of dry hard varieties.


        The rice milling process of iron roller rice whitener is as follows: the brown rice go in the rice mill produces friction through the relative movement between the rice grains and the components of the rice mill and between the rice grains, and its effect goes deep into the inner layer of the rice grains, so that the rice grains slide along the surface of the endosperm, and are stretched, broken and separated from the endosperm.


        The internal pressure of the rice whitener machine is large, and the local pressure often exceeds the compressive strength of the rice grain. It is easy to produce broken rice in the rice milling process, and the power consumption is large.Iron roller rice whitener is suitable for processing japonica rice with larger structural strength.


        Vertical rice whitener machine spindle vertical rice milling machine called vertical rice milling machine.The advantages and disadvantages of vertical rice whitener machine are:

        Advantages: Gravity has no effect on the centrifugal acceleration of rice grain, the rice grain speed is uniform, and the pressure in the milling chamber is uniform.When feeding, gravity produces a driving force on the whole length of the grinding chamber, and the meter flow is more uniform.Large quantity of rice knife, soft material, easy to adjust, good rice rolling, small damage to rice grain .The grinding wheel is used in series, which can be changed or adjusted to improve the service life of the grinding roller.The chaff layer drained smoothly.Low rate of broken rice.


        Disadvantages: High requirement to maintain smooth operation.When rice milling machine is manufactured and installed, it is necessary to keep the axis line of rolling white roller vertical. If there is a slight error, even if the rolling white roller is completely balanced, the center of gravity will shift from the plumb line to produce unbalanced force.Bearing is subjected to axial and radial combined bidirectional forces, which have high requirements for bearing performance, manufacturing and assembly.The volume and weight of unit output are larger.The use of gravity as axial driving force is limited, and the axial velocity of rice flow is small. In the case of the same feeding material with horizontal rice milling machine, the diameter of the white roller must be increased to increase the annular cross-sectional area of the white milling chamber, and the volume and weight of the rice milling machine will increase with the increase.



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